VISUAL LANGUAGE INTEGRATED SERVICES is dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical sign language interpreting, as well as exceptional British sign language courses. We are a brand new company created and founded based in accordance with the communication preferences, of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons we caringly serve. We have set the standard in meeting, bridging, and communication also enhancing the quality of interaction between the Deaf and Hearing communities, and our goal is to continue to do so.


British sign language (BSL)Interpreters help Deaf and Hard of hearing people to communicate with one another by interpreting spoken English into BSL. Our BSL Interpreters are trained professionals who ensure communication between all parties, runs smoothly. Our Interpreters are highly skilled professionals who are well practiced in working in stressful or sensitive circumstances. They all hold the necessary insurance and have an up to date CRB check.

Sign Supported English (SSE), Interpreting is a form of sign language that is used within Britain this borrows signs from BSL and follows the English grammatical structure. SSE is often used within educational settings at schools/colleges where Deaf children are taught alongside hearing children. We provide SSE Interpreting for individuals who specifically request this.

Oral Interpreting BSL caters for Deaf and hard of hearing people who do not use sign language, many read lips as their preferred mode of communication. The Oral Interpreter simply silently mouth interprets speech for the non signing Deaf consumer. In addition, an Oral Interpreter may use facial expressions and gestures. We provide certified and qualified Oral Interpreters to meet the needs of Deaf clients who request this.

Note Takers are trained to take notes for Deaf people in meetings, on courses, or at other events. A Note Taker is useful for a Deaf person who needs to watch a Tutor, Lipspeaker or Sign language Interpreter and so cannot take notes. They can also be used by someone who has limited lip-reading skills or who does not use sign language. We provide Note Takers who are well trained and experienced in preparing notes for Deaf people.

There are many situations in which Speech-to-Text as communication support would be invaluable: meetings, lectures, doctors/hospital appointments, legal/court appearances, seminars, training sessions, and subtitling.


There are many applications for Speech-to-Text, not least in business. If you are hosting or organising a large event such as a conference, seminar, or training session, there may be people attending who are hard of hearing or deafened.  Speech-to-Text can make the whole agenda much more accessible.

Deafblind Interpretersrelays a speaker’s message, working at speeds of up to 150wpm, onto the hand of a Deafblind person using the Deafblind manual alphabet. We provide interpreters that can interpret for an individual who is Deafblind. Our Interpreters use the style of communication that is best fit for the individual; this can be by tactile sign language, close or restricted vision sign language, or by tactile finger spelling.

Our Eventinterpreting services provide sign language interpreting for any event needed. We understand how stressful events can be for organisers, and thus provide trustworthy and reliable Interpreters, to provide support on the day to ensure the event is run smoothly, and clients are 100% satisfied and happy. Through our specialized approach, we assign the most qualified and experienced Interpreters who are capable of understanding the underlying context of your event.

Why VRI?Compared with Onsite Interpreting our Video Remote Interpreting services (VRI), facilitate communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing persons and Hearing persons, instantly on a videophone to save time. Complete your business with the deaf individual without hassle or rescheduling. Instant access to qualified and experienced interpreters on demand 24/7.

Deaf Interpreter CDI or DI.

BSL services work with certified and deaf Interpreters, for situations where a deaf client does not know formal sign language and/or uses sign language from another country.

Spoken Language Interpreting.

BSL services can provide interpreters in French, Italian, Spanish and more. Our complete list of spoken language interpreters is growing, so if you have a need for an interpreter in any language – we can help. Call us today!


A VLIS we value the importance of supporting people with an interest in learning British Sign Language. In the UK 1 in 6 people have some degree of hearing loss, out of which 30k to 70k are BSL users. In turn people around them also need to use BSL, increasing the demand of learning the language. 

As part of our identity as an agency we also offer BSL level 1 and level 2 courses, to increase our involvement in creating deaf awareness, and help those interested in being introduced to the deaf community. Being an interpreting agency, we also can provide work experience for those wanting to pursue interpreting as a career.


BSL Users

What Can You Expect From Us? 

⦁With a teacher/student ratio of 1 to 8-10, we pay attention to personal and   individual development throughout the course.
⦁Competitive prices; one of the lowest costs found in central London.
⦁ Certification from renowned awarding body Signature

Contact us for course 

If you have ever had an interest in BSL and want to try it out, sign up to our introduction to BSL workshop. Learn about the deaf community and culture, some basic signs including an introduction to the alphabet and general BSL grammar.

This workshop will enable you to find out if you would like to progress unto obtaining a Level 1 qualification.

Course Code: WORKSHOP


Price: £35

Start Date: TBA

Time and Location:

Duration:1 SESSION

Teacher: TBA


If you are interested in giving British Sign Language a go, this workshop will give you a taste of what you would be learning, in a BSL qualification course. You will be given an introduction to aspects of the Deaf community and culture. You will learn how to communicate with deaf people in BSL at beginner level covering basic signing including the alphabet and everyday sentences.


  • Wish to learn more about the Deaf community and culture.
  • Wish to find out what undertaking a BSL course entails.
  • Are family, friends and colleagues of deaf people.
  • Want to progress unto an accredited BSL level 1 qualification.
  • Are studying for personal development.


  • To give an insight of the deaf community and culture.
  • Provide an opportunity to interact with a deaf teacher.
  • Learn basic signs including the alphabet.
  • Conduct a basic conversation with a deaf person at beginner level.


Candidates should have essential sufficient sight, manual dexterity and facial and body movements to produce and receive BSL.


Upon completing the workshop you can further your experience by moving unto an accredited LEVEL 1 AWARD IN BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE.


If you have any queries or would like to further discuss the workshop, please contact us and our course advisors will be happy to help.

The qualification is divided into 3 units, each of which can be achieved separately. Learners who are new to BSL should cover 101 first, as units 102 and 103 build on this knowledge. Units 102 and 103 can be taken in any order. To achieve the full Level 1 Award in British Sign Language, candidates must pass all 3 units.

Course Code: 500/6141/0

Awarding Body: SIGNATURE

Price: £450 (exam fees not included)

Start Date:TBA

Time and Location:

Duration: 16 WEEKS

Teacher: TBA

About the Course

In the UK 1 in 6  people have some degree of hearing loss, summing up to about 10 million people.  With an estimate of 30k to 70k using British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language, the demand to learn communication with deaf people is now higher than ever.

Whether you wish to start a career in BSL or your interests brings you to learning the language, this course will teach you to communicate with deaf people in BSL on a range of topics that involve simple and everyday language use. This will help  you gain basic skills and confidence in production and reception.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to learn basic language skills to communicate simple conversations with deaf people.
  • Want to learn new language skills as part of a programme of study.
  • Want to progress to more advanced study and/or employment using BSL in the future.
  • Are studying for personal development.
  • Are parents, family, friends or colleagues of deaf people.

Qualification Objectives:

  • Understand and use a limited range of simple words and sentences in BSL.
  • Take part in simple, everyday conversations in BSL.
  • Give and follow simple directions or instructions in BSL.
  • Give and follow simple familiar statements or descriptions in BSL.


No previous experience in BSL is required for this course, however candidates should have essential sufficient sight, manual dexterity and facial and body movements to produce and receive BSL. 

Progression Routes:

Upon completing the course you can further your studies in a wide range of qualifications, such as  Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language and Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language.

Further Information:

If you want you have any queries or would like to further discuss the course, please contact us and our course advisors will be happy to help.


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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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